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Tom Ruegger

Tom Ruegger

Tom Ruegger is one of the best TV show producers and writers I have ever seen, and it's a great thing that he works for Warner Bros. Animation, the hottest studio in Hollywood.

Tom Ruegger was one of the executive producers for Batman: The Animated Series along with Jean MacCurdy, who is usually the executive in charge of production for WB television shows. He also served as the executive producer for Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, the animated movie. Ruegger was the senior producer for classic WB animations, such as "Tiny Toon Adventures," "Animaniacs," "Pinky & the Brain," and "Freakazoid!." Ruegger is the creator for WBTA's "Histeria" and is also the executive producer for that show.

For "Road Rovers," Tom Ruegger serves as the executive producer, writer (for some of the episodes) and creator (besides Jeff Gordon). Only a genius such as himself could create and produce such a show. I love that show of his and I would really love to do anything to help him to produce more episodes. Road Rovers is his best creation yet (in my opinion) and should never ever be cancelled. Lucky for him there are approximately 106 or more supportive fans out there doing the best they can to help him and I am one one them.

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