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Road Rover Profiles


Hunter, an American golden retriever, is the leader of the Road Rovers pack. He was once a stray, but is now owned by the President and First Lady and lives at the White House. Hunter is everything that a good leader needs to be: he's loyal, gentle, obedient, tireless, enthusiastic and trusting.
Hunter's super power is his incredible speed. He is so fast that he always leaves a line of fire behind him.


Colleen, a British collie with an English accent, is the only female in the Road Rovers pack and is owned by the British Prime Minister. She is always in training, keeping fit for the next mission. Although she gets harassed by Blitz, she loves being a Road Rover and lives up for the Road Rovers' common goal to protect the human and animal kingdom from all that is evil.
Colleen's super power is her amazing knowledge of martial arts and is a quick wit to match.


Blitz is a Doberman from Berlin and is owned by the German Chancellor. Although he acts like "Mr. Tough Guy" he hates to admit that he really is a coward at heart (he has a hilarious cowardly scream). His favourite hobby is biting "tooshies" and loves drinking peppermint milkshakes.
Blitz's super power is his extra-long super-sharp claws and teeth, which are strong enough to tear steel.


Exile is a Siberian Husky from Moscow and is owned by the Russian President. He loves being a Road Rover, America, hugging his fellow comrades and can't stand Blitz (he refers to him as "Weird Boy").
Exile's super power is his super eye sight. His eyes can emit freezing, heating, night, and X-ray vision.


Shag is a Swiss Sheepdog and is owned by the Swiss President. Even after entering and emerging out of the Transdogmafier, he remains looking like an ordinary dog but is bigger and stronger. With his thick coat, he hide various objects inside including a Road Rover.
Shag's super power is his super strength (he can lift cars right above his head) but is a coward at heart, often whining and whimpering.


Muzzle is not an "official" Road Rover, but sometimes joins the rest of the pack on their missions, since he is Hunter's best friend. A Rottweiler, Muzzle is one insane dog that never enters the Transdogmafier and because of this, he is always restrained being in a straight-jacket and wearing a strong muzzle.
Muzzle may be insane, but the Road Rovers use him as a powerful weapon. Once they release him, he will destroy everything in his path.

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