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The show

"Road Rovers" is an action/adventure/comedy series, featuring the strongest and bravest canines ever to walk the planet. It is also the hottest show that I have ever seen. This animated series centers around five dogs who all belong to different Heads of State. Daily they pose as playful and adorable pets, but whenever danger threatens the human or/and animal kingdom, the dogs are superpowered in a process and become the "Road Rovers," a dynamic pack of crime-fighting super heroes.

Road Rovers!

The Story:

It all began with Professor William F. Shepherd, a hard-working and dedicated scientist. One day, he had created what he called the "Transdogmafier," a machine that could super power animals into Cano-Sapiens, animals with human-shaped bodies (although their faces don't change), great strength and powers and would be able to talk.
General Parvo, Shepherd's worst enemy, kidnapped his beloved pet dog "Scout" and forced him to hand over his plans for the machine. Shepherd did whatever it would take to get his dog back. Instead of returning his pet, Parvo sent a bomb that caused a powerful explosion, destroying his laboratory.

One year later, five dogs from different countries were starting to be chosen by a mysterious figure known as "The Master." Meanwhile, Parvo and his faithful companion, The Groomer, had created a completely different version of the Transdogmafier. Instead of superpowering animals into friendly-looking Cano-Sapiens, they were turned into monstrous Cano-Mutants that Parvo would use in his quest to take over the world, but everything is going to change.
Shepherd had survived the explosion and has since dedicated his life to stopping Parvo and finding his long-lost pet. By using a Transdogmafier, he had created a dynamic pack of five superpowered dogs, which he had chosen, that would protect and serve the world from all that is evil.
In every episode, the Rovers go on daring missions and battle with all kinds of villains on land, in water, and in the air as they bring peace to the world perfectly.

"Road Rovers" is produced and animated by Warner Bros. Television Animation under the creative supervision of:

  • Tom Ruegger, creator and executive producer
  • Robert Doucette, producer
  • Jeff Gordon, creator and associate producer
  • Mark Seidenberg, story editor.

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